About Me

Hi, I’m T.J. Brown.

I’m a Data & AI Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services. I specialize in architecture and development of SQL Server and Azure big data solutions.

I began my journey as a data professional at the University of Florida where I first discovered my love of data related problem solving in my operations management class of the University of Florida while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Decision and Information Science. After graduation I joined Pragmatic Works Consulting. In my six year tenure there, I learned the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack as well as components of the Azure data platform. More importantly, I learned how to be a consultant, manage client relationships, and architect custom solutions tailored to the individualized needs of my clients.

I’m passionate about empowering users to make better decisions, explore their data in new and exciting ways, and visualize the story that their data tells. I’m also an active member of my local user group (JSSUG), speak at SQL Saturday, and also present in webinar format.

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